Networking Solutions

SUN MICRO NETWORKS is a CISCO and DAX Business Partner for their entire range of networking products including TP Cable, Hubs, Switches and, LAN Cards. SUN MICRO NETWORKS deals in modem switches of other Brands also like DLINK, LINKSYS, 3COM etc.

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Enterprise Solution

Sunmicro  provides Enterprise Solutions for the corporate services for its S&M Enterprise.Sun Micro applies our expertise in making the latest Internetworking technologies work for you.

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Industrial Computing Solutions

SUN MICRO   with expertise of more than 8 years in network design and implementation, Industrial Computer Solutions consultants help you create network solutions that will take you well into the 21st Century. Our staff works with you at every step in the planning and implementation process, to determine the most cost-effective network design that will not only suit your current needs, but have built-in expandability as your business needs grow. Our consultants provide a variety of services from the initial analysis stage, to monitoring installed systems and capacity planning.

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Sunmicro  Network Pvt. Ltd. delivers business of networking of all kinds Providing solutions of general networking, internet and ISP. Sunmicro Networks focus exclusively on access for business subscribers, so that quality of service you get is according to your requirements. We are continually innovating to provide increasingly efficient and practical Solutions that have a positive impact on our cutomer to be more efficient and  save time.

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Sun Micro Networks was founded in 1995 by a team of experienced professionals with a passion for technology and a shared vision of a single-source technology solutions company that would serve the technology needs facing modern businesses.The Company is one of the leading premier business partner of HP Compaq, ACER, LENOVO, Dell, HCL, APC, And Uniline etc . Our team consists of professionals bearing excellent moral & social status along with technical qualifications.

Sun Micro Networks offers IT Infrastructure Integration Services for businesses and organizations to run their mission-critical applications. With our strong expertise and lasting relationship with technology leaders like, HP Compaq, LENOVO, ACER, Dell, HCL, APC, Uniline, MICROSOFT and many others, we provide best-of-the-reed, end-to-end solutions to our Clients.

Sunmicro Networks Pvt. Ltd. is a total outsoureing solutions provider for all your networking needs. With offices located at the technical hubs the national capital Delhi and Hyderabad Reigon,we successfully have implemented our Wireless Networks and inte-rnetworks for Industrial giants. Middle level compnies like,Reliance, Escorts JCB, JCBL Limited, EXIMIndia, Primenet, Net 4 india,Neolite industries,teri, simultaneously resovlving issues such as System Intergration,WAN Connectivity,wi-fi,wi-max, Annual Maintaenance and Scalabilltiy.

Adding to the QoS (Quality of Service) being provided by sunmicro, are  products which are duly authorized by HCL Technologies, Intel, Micronet, UC wireless, Radwin, Trango Broadband, Audiocodes, Linksys, Sisco and come with one years, replacement guarantee. Sunmicro has focus Intensively on each of its business clients considering their requirements before providing any Relevant solution.

          . With technical staff we offer customers individualized support for their business                solutions and provide protactive networks monitoring 24 x 7 ,365 days.
           . Our services availability targets aim to give customer a direct and fast accessibility
           .  Widely experienced group of engineers having experience in internet and satellite                communication, switching systems and wide area networking devices.

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